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Dissenting Voices on Food Safety Bill S 510

Over the past few years, Hartkeisonline.com has made an effort to amass many voices of concern about the food safety bill, Food Safety Modernization Act (HR. 2749, S. 510) which successfully passed in Congress. This blog is devoted to rebuilding our rural communities with sustainable, mixed use farms, that represent the future of food safety. These are the very farms most at risk by more federal government intervention and control of the marketplace.

Safe Food is Attainable with Decentralized, Local Food Systems

Please help us get the stories (below) to your U.S. Senator’s legislative aides for Agriculture and Health! The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, the Western Organization of Resource Councils and the Weston A. Price Foundation worked to get exemptions for small farms, and it now seems the FDA is gutting what little protection we succeeded in getting added to the bill (Tester Amendment).

If they are willing to help promote small farm enterprise, contact press at westonaprice.org.  See the reasons why they should, below!

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