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avatarI would have never imagined that I would be blogging, or that I would join a group like Real Food Media. None of this would have happened without you. I mean more than the help you have given me, though I appreciate it very much. I also mean seeing the great good you do with your blog, with supporting WAPF, with advocating real food and the great info you provide on so many issues. There is such a desperate need for this information. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for being who you are, and for doing what you do.

Stanley Fishman
Tender Grassfed Meat
avatar"Kimberly Hartke is the Guardian Angel of Small Farms and the Fund!"

Cathy Raymond
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
avatarThank you for your amazing work!!

Robyn O'Brien
Founder, AllergyKids, Author, The Unhealthy Truth
avatarI do read your blog on a daily basis; as a goat farmer and a proponent of raw milk, specifically raw goat milk, I certainly consider your blog required reading.

Hani Khouri
Hani's Mediterranean Organics
avatarLove your blog, by the way. What a great, centralized resource for all real food and local farm info.

Sarah Pope
avatarHartke is my Favorite Blogger!

Allan Baillett
Biodynamic Farmer, Fresh and Local CSA
I really appreciate the way you share Nourishing Traditions information. You educate and don't preach. I always look forward to reading, learning and sharing your post.

Peggy Swank
Hartke is Online! Subscriber
avatar"Eat lower from the food chain. Enjoy grass-fed meat, dairy, eggs and poultry."

Peter Ballerstedt, Ph.D., Forage Production & Utilization, member of Coalition for a Healthy Nation, Nutritition and Metabolism Society
Grass Based Health Blog
Kimberly, your blog is beautiful! I'm impressed.

Michael Schmidt
Glencolton Farms
I've already linked to most of the Real Food Media blogs at my own blog and would like to consider advertising for Permaculture Activist Magazine. BTW I LOVE your blog and have shared a lot at FB and Stumbleupon.

"Be fruitful and mulch apply."

Keith Johnson
Permaculture Politics Blog


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