Improve your Pet’s Health with Homemade Dog Food.

Homemade dog food may the the answer to your pet’s health problems! Dinovite Dog Supplement company helped Hartke is Online! blog reader, Jeff Schreibman solve his pets dog odor problem. Here is the cooked version of their raw food recipe. If you have a trusted source of grassfed raw meat and pasture raised hen eggs, you will want to make a raw version for extra nutrition.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe

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by Guest Blogger, Jeff Schreibman

My dog earned the dubious nickname Odor, because no matter how many baths we gave him, we couldn’t wash away the problem.

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What follows is the recipe for the baked version of DinoVite’s homemade dog food recipe. Here is a pictogram:

Homemade Dog Food Contains Only Three Ingredients! Ok, Maybe Four.


You’ll have to read on to see the full homemade dog food recipe!

Homemade Dog Food


10 lbs. Ground Beef 80/20 or Chicken Thighs*
*Use boneless if you are cooking the food, otherwise ANY part of the chicken is ok to use INCLUDING the bones
12 cups cooked white balsamic rice
3 dozen hard boiled eggs

1) Place the eggs into a blender and blend to a liquid
2) Mix the ground beef with the cooked rice in a large baking tray
3) Pour the egg mix onto the beef/rice mix and mix everything up, using your hands is probably easiest way
4) Smooth out the ingredients into a loaf
5) Bake at 350 degrees for 20-40 minutes depending how thick your baking tray is (30 minutes good general rule)
6) Let it cool, then scoop it into storage containers. Freeze all but one of them then serve for breakfast and dinner.


Out of the Oven: Odie’s Homemade Dog Food

We sprinkle 2 tablespoons of Dinovite Dog Supplement on his homemade dog food too, which contains flax seed and lots of other pro-biotic supplements.

Try this and I know it will help your dog yeast problem. Thanks and I hope this homemade dog food helps your stinky pet to smell great!

PS. If I were even remotely this methodical and scientific in my OWN diet, I’d be pleased

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