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Grammy Lee’s Natural Cure for Warts

Today’s theme for our Natural Cures Blog Carnival is Home Remedies. My post is a cure for warts, those gross bumps that belong on frogs, not people.  This remedy was passed down in our family. It is something that my mom told me about when I was a pre-teenager and had a few unsightly warts on my knee. Her grandmother, Grammy Lee, taught her that cinnamon oil, applied by poking the warts with a toothpick would get rid of warts.

We tried this home remedy and dutifully applied the cinnamon oil several times a day for a good number of weeks.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Sure enough, the warts disappeared completely, no scars, no nothing. Amazing.  Perhaps this experience of my own “healing miracle” using a natural substance was the genesis of my interest in non-pharma approaches to health problems.

Here is a website I found that tells about other medicinal uses for cinnamon oil.

Share a Home Remedy!

Share a Home Remedy!

If you want to make your own cinnamon oil, here are some easy directions I found on ehow.com.

Now it is your turn, please submit your family home remedies to today’s blog carnival. If you don’t know of one, call your granny or your mommy. My mom, nana and I are together this week at my beach house, and mom was the one who reminded me of my natural cure of warts with the miracle cinnamon oil!

For instructions on how to play in the blog carnival, visit our Natural Cures Tuesday page.

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