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Grammy Lee’s Natural Cure for Warts

Today’s theme for our Natural Cures Blog Carnival is Home Remedies. My post is a cure for warts, those gross bumps that belong on frogs, not people.  This remedy was passed down in our family. It is something that my mom told me about when I was a pre-teenager and had a few unsightly warts on my knee. Her grandmother, Grammy Lee, taught her that cinnamon oil, applied by poking the warts with a toothpick would get rid of warts.

We tried this home remedy and dutifully applied the cinnamon oil several times a day for a good number of weeks.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Sure enough, the warts disappeared completely, no scars, no nothing. Amazing.  Perhaps this experience of my own “healing miracle” using a natural substance was the genesis of my interest in non-pharma approaches to health problems.

Here is a website I found that tells about other medicinal uses for cinnamon oil.

Share a Home Remedy!

If you want to make your own cinnamon oil, here are some easy directions I found on ehow.com.

Now it is your turn, please submit your family home remedies to today’s blog carnival. If you don’t know of one, call your granny or your mommy. My mom, nana and I are together this week at my beach house, and mom was the one who reminded me of my natural cure of warts with the miracle cinnamon oil!

For instructions on how to play in the blog carnival, visit our Natural Cures Tuesday page.

Our first carnival “barker” is Local Nourishment blog, who shares a list of their families home remedies! natural remedies page, and her post today called, Are All Drugs Bad for Us?

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From Facebook, Kristin Clough Canty suggests Jewel Weed heals poison ivy. She recommends Burts Bees’ Poison Ivy Jewel Weed Spray.

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  1. I used Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of plantar warts. I had a “colony” of them on my left foot, had em for years! And they completely vanished in about 6 weeks with nightly application of ACV!

  2. Lisa Imerman says:

    I agree with the ACV for warts. My daughter had a cluster of warts on her knee, the doctor recommended over the counter wart remover, it did nothing, so I did a bit of research and discovered this remedy. You soak a cottonball in ACV, put it directly on the wart overnight and band-aid or tape it up good so it stays moist. During the day let it get air (when I sent her to school I put a band-aid over it as it looked bad and she didn’t want to be embarrased). We did this for about 2 weeks total and they just fell off, no scar, no return of the warts. They get a bit red and swollen to begin with when the ACV is used, then they get black and eventually fall off.

    I did it with a wart on my son and then one on myself and it worked like a charm. Mine went away within days.

  3. This is a great article. I’m new to blogging but still learning. Thanks for the great resource.

  4. This is an excellent article, many new treatments promise to completely cure warts but unfortunately it can only be done if you help your own body to eliminate HPV virus, in a word the best way to find skin conditions like warts, moles or skin tags is by boosting ones natural immunity.

  5. Neem Oil also works good for warts. Rub Neem oil on skin or use cotten ball to apply and cover it with band aid over night. keep doing it until gone. Neem oil also can be used for Acne on face or anywhere on body.

  6. I’ve got a terrible skin wart on ma pinky toebaby finger. I absolutely need to eliminate this little monster. I already tested several so called therapies however none of them cured the problem. Perhaps some of the suggestions given on this site really work for me.

  7. Great site and I look forward to checking out your updates! Providing help with home natural healthy cures with out drugs.

  8. Jiniva24 says:

    Natural remedies are the greatest means of treating or tackling infections and anybody may simply access it.

  9. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  10. I love this kind of articles which shows natural of remedies.

  11. You have a very informative site. I am a believer in natural cures, mostly herbal. Thank you for the help.


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