Home Remedies for Minor Burns

Every home cook or professional chef will tell you minor burns are part of the job. Here are home remedies to keep on hand to nurse your skin back to health.

Dandelion Has Nutritional and Healing Properties

Sylvia Onusic describes the Slovenian annual rite of picking and eating dandelion, a “Spring tonic” full of nutrition and health benefits.

Home Remedy Makes Warts Vanish

Cinnamon Oil

Today’s theme for our Natural Cures Blog Carnival is Home Remedies. My post is a cure for warts, those gross bumps that belong on frogs, not people. This remedy was passed down in our family. It is something that my mom told me about when I was a pre-teenager and had a few unsightly warts on my knee. Her grandmother, Grammy Lee, taught her…

Traditional Chinese Sauerkraut Recipe Contributed by Blog Reader

Napa Cabbage Sauerkraut

Next week, I am planning to tell you about a workshop we held in Northern Virginia, where we demonstrated lacto-fermentation methods of preserving foods and making beverages. But, a blog reader and her mom who attended the workshop have already submitted a cool recipe and question that I can’t wait to share with you. Sophie’s mom has given up her family recipe for making sauerkraut. Enjoy!

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