Party Perfect — Eco Friendly Invites are the Way to Go


Go Green with your Party Invitations and Greeting Cards

Keith and I were invited to a wonderful cookout on Memorial Day. I had forgotten how much fun a purely social gathering can be.
So I am planning a few soirees of my own to get back in the swing of playing hostess.

A lot of people seem to like E-Vite (don’t think I have entertained much since it came on the scene). I have always noticed how lovely the Paperless Post invitations and cards are, when I receive them from others. I like the fact that they have a digital envelope (including a cute stamp). Being an artistically minded person, I think my upcoming parties will be better served with Paperless Post invitations.

Here is my first attempt at whipping up an invite for a Mexican fiesta. They didn’t have anything overtly Mexican, but these flowers remind me of a Mexican tablecloth. Notice how I was able to choose a backdrop (it looks like my invitation is laying on a wood table)!

My Tex Mex Party Invite

Overall, I think Paperless Post is easy to use and has many creative directions you can go with greeting cards or event invites. Like E-vite, they also collect RSVP’s and comments on your event page. Plus they feature the gift registry option that is so essential for wedding invites.

For the frugal bride, Paperless Post will save a great deal of money over engraved invitations. Yes you do pay per invitee to send the digital invitations, but saving on the paper and engraving or printing is huge. And you can tell your friends you are saving trees (paper), ink (soy, chemicals) and petroleum (mail delivery vehicles not necessary when you send via email). Paperless Post invites have the memorability factor because they do make a good and strong impression.

Happy Party Planning!

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