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Create a Happy Healthy Home with These Tips from Experts

New Book Uncovers How to Create a Happy Healthy Home and Fight Indoor Air Pollution This blogger is often wishing I had time to write a book. Then an offer came across my desk that I couldn’t resist. Filterbuy.com asked for a contribution for their book on how to create a healthy happy home, and […]

Dangers of Bad Indoor Air Quality

Just because you don’t see the danger of bad indoor air, doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting your health adversely.

Asbestos Warning: Still a Real and Present Danger

The Asbestos Institute issues this Asbestos warning to the health conscious.

DeCluttering Tips 7 Steps to Better Health

Fitness Pro, “The Tini Yogini,” offers decluttering tips. Clean up your act and get on with your life!

Killing Sprees Is Crass Entertainment to Blame?

Electronic baby sitters, otherwise known as violent video games are feeding the minds and starting an addictive cycle in vulnerable young boys, resulting in killing sprees.

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