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Mark McAfee Writes Letter of Support for California Herdshare Programs

Mark and Blaine McAfee with baby calf

Please consider this a testimonial and a letter of support for Goat and Cow programs in CA.

I am a producer of retail approved raw milk in CA. I am subject to incredibly intensive and very expensive regulation for my raw milk products which are available throughout CA in 400 retail stores. More than 65,000 people each week consume our raw milk products.

I met with Mike Hulme two weeks ago. He brought with him some of his raw goat milk and raw feta cheese.
I have never been more impressed with the goat milk and cheese. It was incredibly fresh, clean and when tested it was cleaner than mine….now that is a real testimonial from a guy who knows raw milk.  The results come as no surprise. When a small farmer takes pride in his milking and cleanliness, the results are obvious and you can taste the concern, work and effort.

It is about time that Californians take personal responsibility for their food, for their health and for their relationships with their food sources and farmers.  Goat or Cow Shares are the ultimate expression of this consumer outreach effort.

There is  no readily available retail raw goats milk in CA. If a consumer wants or needs raw goats milk they will need to buy their own goat. Most municipalities  forbid the home boarding of goats or cows. This means the consumer must become a co-producer and contract with a farmer to house and milk their goat.

So far, CDFA has made this a criminal activity. This CDFA activity is “truly a canary” in the mineshaft of America’s eroding food freedoms and freedoms in general. Our current American diet has failed miserably and produces, obesity, diabetes, IBS, Asthma, Autism….it is a disaster. Consumers have come to understand this and now seek whole unprocessed foods. These farm direct unprocessed whole foods do not produce the same outrageous illnesses and outcomes. Consumers shall not be forced to eat foods that are sickening the broader population. No matter what CDFA or the FDA says or does.

These CDFA law enforcement raids are hitting a nutritional civil rights movement brick wall. This CDFA police enforced, DA lock down of constitutionally protected sacred food activity is nothing short of Fascist. It will stop and it must stop. There have been no illnesses reported in CA from these small Share based systems. Pure and simple, this is about CDFA trying its best to protect market share for Big Ag and pasteurized milk products.

The FDA has pasteurized milk listed as the most allergenic food in America. Pasteurized milk is associated with lactose intolerance.

Consumers must have control over their health destinies and must not be forced to eat food that causes extreme food allergies and terrible gas pains.

Raw milk is just the opposite….it stabilizes MAST cells and treats and prevents allergies and Asthma ( see PARSIFAL study in EU ). Raw milk is also not commonly associated with lactose intolerance.

Please do what you can to assure the consumers and their farmers of access to safe clean delicious raw milk. Please make the message loud and clear….food is a sacred right, where that food comes from and whether that food is processed or not is also a sacred right.

All the best,

Mark McAfee
Founder CEO
Organic Pastures Dairy Company LLC
Fresno CA

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