Autism the Vaccine and Pesticide Connection

Wish you could have been there? You can attend the Canary Party Convention in Today’s Podcast.

New Political Party Being Formed to Advance Food & Health Freedom

Are American children the proverbial canaries in the mine, showing us with every ailment the toxic nature of our air, our food, our water? There is a new political party in the works that takes it even further…it is the medical and industrial food complex that is creating sickness on an unacceptable scale.

Autism One Conference and the American Rally for Personal Rights

Vaccine choice is becoming a big issue. Guest blogger, Kathryne Pirtle reports on the American Rally for Personal Rights, and the Autism One Conference, recently held in Chicago.

Underground Wellness Radio Does Swine Flu and Vaccines Show

photo credit: David Dees Dangers of the Flu and Swine Flu Vaccinations David Michael (Augie), Publisher of the Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health, will be the guest on Underground Wellness radio show on Wednesday 9/9/9 at 9 central, 8 eastern time. The entire show is on the truth about the dangers of […]

How to Cut the Cost of Healthcare

Janice Curtin, a WAPF chapter leader in Alexandria, VA, gives her suggestions for improving health care in America, which includes teaching the research of Weston A. Price in schools, health freedom legislation, and removing drug ads from television.