Weekend Gourmet, October 1, 2012


Healthy recipes are always welcome in my kitchen notebook. Share yours today in our blog carnival!

Upcoming Workshop Holistic Prenatal, Postnatal Nutrition for Moms


What is the optimal diet for a mom, prenatal and postnatal? How you nourish yourself impacts your developing baby within, and gives you the energy you’ll need as a new mom.

Real Food Weight Loss Success


Pitch out those processed foods and be a real food weight loss success! That is what Marie did and look at the results!

Kentucky Raw Milk Enthusiasts Live Out Constitutional Freedoms


Local foodies in Louisville Kentucky had an unpleasant surprise to open up their Memorial Day weekend. A visit to their church basement ‘pickup’ by the county health inspector.

One Man’s Search for the Perfect Human Diet


After nearly losing his life in a cardiac incident during a run, C.J. Hunt embarked upon a lifelong wellness journey, culminating in his documentary film project.

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