Quote of the Day

Yesterday, I saw news of a California goat cheese maker being thrown into jail…

What is She to Do, Let Them Explode?

Alice Jongerden has received a cease and desist order from Fraser Health over the production of raw milk from these cows in Chilliwack. Photograph by : Paul J. Henderson, Chilliwack Times Tweet


Since I was a teenager, I have enjoyed reading opinion editorials. A lot of my political ideas were informed by reading both sides of the issue. I even remember firing off an impassioned missive to George Will, when I disagreed with a column he wrote. Last week, I wrote my first op-ed, and submitted it […]

The Heartbeat of the Heartland

Today the US Congress failed to pass a massive bailout plan, which, may be for the best. Last night, I came across a website, http://www.heartland.org/ which had a number of economists and experts suggesting that government intervention in our free markets will worsen our woes. I would like to see Congress and Senate try to […]