Taste of Small Farm America Goes to Capitol Hill

Farm fresh foodies spent a day on Capitol Hill to educate our representatives about the PRIME Act and the need for greater access to raw milk.

The Farmer who Sacrificed it All for Raw Milk Freedom

We have written numerous stories about farmers and their struggles to get out from under the onerous regulations that have made our food less safe, less nutritious. Probably one farmer more than most. Michael Schmidt of Ontario, Canada captures our heart, perhaps more than any other because of the dear price he has paid for our freedom. Michael has lost hundreds of acres of his farm, a marriage, countless hours in numerous courtrooms as a defendant, many more hours at protests and rallies, and a prolonged hunger strike that could have killed him.

Pro-Raw Milk InfoGraphic Produced by Public Health Educators

An amazingly true infographic proposes raw milk as a safe and healthy food.

Minnesota Milkman Hartmann Suffers Seizure of Truck and Products

Minnesota Department of Agriculture turns a deaf ear to raw milk consumers, and persecutes Minnesota milkman Hartmann who bravely seeks to serve families in need of nutrient dense foods.

Campaign for Real Milk Hits Chicago

Curious about raw milk and need accurate data to make an informed choice? An upcoming Campaign for Real Milk talk in Chicago will fill the info gap.