NPR Raw Milk Story Soft on Government Corruption


A recent NPR Raw Milk segment while balanced, failed to look at the poor track record of the U.S. government and human health.

USDA Ruined my New Years Roast!


USDA is insinuating itself into more and more areas of life. I have had my fill now that it spoiled my dinner party the other night!

Sustainable Farming Advocate Fired by USDA National Organic Program


At a time when the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) is channeling money to outside contractors with no experience in organic agriculture to write production standards, why would it invent reasons to fire the most experienced regulatory rule writer on its staff?

The Fall of Rome and US Dietary Guidelines

Sally Fallon Morell’s Presidents Message in the Fall issue of Wise Traditions has an ominous tone. Those that ignore our food history are bound to repeat it…

Print & Web Media Coverage of Dietary Guidelines Controversy Goes International

A newspaper with an international reach is beginning a two part commentary on the USDA dietary guidelines. The president of a US nutrition education non-profit is the opinion piece author.

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