WAPF Gathering on Salatin’s Farm

Yesterday, the Weston A. Price Foundation sponsored a gathering hosted by Joel Salatin on his Virginia Farm. Here are my photos and observations about the event. Holistic Hilda, whose Wise Traditions podcast is now over 4 million downloads, led off the event by talking about a simple formula for health and wellness that each individual […]

Cannabis CBD FDA Hearing

It’s Best to Ignore This Health Trend “The FDA must act quickly.” “Consumers need to be able to trust what they are buying.” “The cannabis market is the Wild Wild West.” These were common refrains from many of those who testified at the FDA Hearing on Cannabis and Cannabis Derived products on May 31, 2019. […]

5 Amazing Reasons to Embrace Copper-Infused Bedding Products

  Introducing Copper Defence by Guest Blogger, Kunal Patel Copper is an essential micronutrient that offers myriad health benefits — one of them being effectively fighting germs and bacteria, thus protecting your health. By using copper bedding like bedsheets, mattresses and pillows, you can keep your bedroom healthy, clean and cool. Tweet

Taste of Small Farm America Goes to Capitol Hill

Farm fresh foodies spent a day on Capitol Hill to educate our representatives about the PRIME Act and the need for greater access to raw milk.

Rocket Oven is Taking Off!

The HOMESTEADERS DREAM Oven   Please Share this Post! Kickstarter ends in two days! Some of you may remember my post about the rocket mass heater inspired by Permaculture tribe leader, Paul Wheaton. It is a clean energy masterpiece of engineering and something that can be built with basic handyman skills and a little instruction. […]