Cannabis CBD FDA Hearing

It’s Best to Ignore This Health Trend “The FDA must act quickly.” “Consumers need to be able to trust what they are buying.” “The cannabis market is the Wild Wild West.” These were common refrains from many of those who testified at the FDA Hearing on Cannabis and Cannabis Derived products on May 31, 2019. […]

Taste of Small Farm America Goes to Capitol Hill

Farm fresh foodies spent a day on Capitol Hill to educate our representatives about the PRIME Act and the need for greater access to raw milk.

Farming Experts Predict Food Safety Laws Will Destroy Local Foods Trend

The FSMA food safety laws passed Congress easily. Ironically, FDA rule making makes it impossible for farms producing the safest food to survive.

Organic Pastures Dairy Petitions FDA with Latest Raw Milk Science

A petition to the FDA seeks wider access to raw milk for the consumer. Stressing the science and asking a federal judge to intervene, it has possibility of making real change.

Dangers of a Soy Allergy

How do we avoid an allergenic food that is prevalent in the modern diet? Advice from a guy whose wife is highly allergic to soy.