Prison Soy Diet Podcast

This podcast episode is an eye-opening look at the prison soy diet. The Weston Price Foundation is suing to end the feeding of soy to America’s inmates.

Former Prison Inmate Suffers High Soy Diet Damage

Illinois is dishing out suffering to its prison inmates, in the form of a high soy diet.

Prison Soy Lawsuit explained on Blog Talk Radio

Monda Williams, Blog Talk Radio Host, interviews Kimberly Hartke and Dr. Kaayla Daniel about the prison soy lawsuit. They are joined by a former inmate still suffering severe health issues even three years after his release.

News Clip Roundup highlights important news stories on raw milk, food justice, and small traditional farms from around the country.

Chicago Tribune Covers Prison Soy Lawsuit

Monica Eng, health reporter for the Chicago Tribune is the first mainstream media reporter to document the prison soy diet and its damaging health effects on inmates.