Killing Sprees Is Crass Entertainment to Blame?

Electronic baby sitters, otherwise known as violent video games are feeding the minds and starting an addictive cycle in vulnerable young boys, resulting in killing sprees.

Chemtrails Conspiracy Educate Yourself

chemtrails conspiracy

WAPF Chapter Leader digs deep into the chemtrails conspiracy. Everything you wanted to know about the subject in one post, with links!

Former Prison Inmate Suffers High Soy Diet Damage

Illinois is dishing out suffering to its prison inmates, in the form of a high soy diet.

Soyfoods Association Pushes Soy for Valentine’s Day-BLEECH!


Romantic moments enhanced by fake foods? You’ll chuckle at this witty smack-down of the soyfoods association by the naughty nutritionist.

Mark McAfee Writes Letter of Support for California Herdshare Programs


California dairy farmer Mark McAfee is a pioneer. He advocates for raw dairy at every opportunity. Here is an example of how he recently came to the aid of threatened cow and goat share programs in his state.

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