The High Cost of Marijuana Legalization

Drug Free Idaho just released a sobering film about the impact of normalizing drug use on communities. Please watch this and share to educate others. Chronic State from DrugFree Idaho, Inc. on Vimeo.

Party Perfect — Eco Friendly Invites are the Way to Go

  Go Green with your Party Invitations and Greeting Cards Keith and I were invited to a wonderful cookout on Memorial Day. I had forgotten how much fun a purely social gathering can be. So I am planning a few soirees of my own to get back in the swing of playing hostess. A lot […]

Grassfed on the Hill Buying Club Brings Farmers and Consumers Together

Farm fresh foods, grassfed meats are finding a unique way to get to the Washington, DC market with a farm buying club.

Create a Happy Healthy Home with These Tips from Experts

New Book Uncovers How to Create a Happy Healthy Home and Fight Indoor Air Pollution This blogger is often wishing I had time to write a book. Then an offer came across my desk that I couldn’t resist. asked for a contribution for their book on how to create a healthy happy home, and […]

Marijuana and Violence

Suicide, murder, even mass murder are symptoms of marijuana-induced psychosis.