Michael Schmidt on Vernon Hershberger


A Canadian Food Freedom fighter, Michael Schmidt, sounds a warning for Americans. We need to get engaged to defend our liberties and farmers.

Will Michael Schmidt Have to Die, So That the Rest Of Us Can Live?

Canadian farmer, Michael Schmidt is on a hunger strike. He will die if government officials refuse to meet with him. Let’s help him get that meeting!

Michael Schmidt’s Hunger Strike for Raw Milk Rights and Responsible Food Freedom


Michael Schmidt continues to defend consumer rights to raw milk access. Let’s come alongside to secure freedom to the food of our choice.

British Royal Writes Letter of Support to Farmer Michael Schmidt

Today we are launching a Letters to Michael campaign, starting with a British Royal who writes this letter of support to Michael Schmidt. Schmidt is a Canadian farmer on a hunger strike to draw attention to the unfair prosecution of his cow boarding program.

Michael Schmidt back on Hunger strike


Raw milk dairyman goes back on a hunger strike when accused of crime of providing raw milk to his investors.

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