Virginia Farm Bureau Comes Out Against Farmer Property Rights, Free Trade


The Boneta Bill rejection by the Farm Bureau is causing farmers to call for a boycott . Do you know a good insurance company that wants to pick up new business?

Polish Farmers Protest Sale of Land for GM Crops


Polish farmers are standing strong against the EU sponsored invasion of GMOs into their farming regions. They need to hear from you!

Virginia Pitchfork Protest Becomes Protect Farmer Rights Bill


Martha Boneta is rescuing animals, now a Virginia politician jumps to rescue her from bullying bureaucrats!

Chemtrails Conspiracy Educate Yourself

chemtrails conspiracy

WAPF Chapter Leader digs deep into the chemtrails conspiracy. Everything you wanted to know about the subject in one post, with links!

Rescue Reston Arouses Grassroots Support to Save Green Spaces


As a member of Rescue Reston, I ask for your help to keep my community green and clean!

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