Swimmer Diet Tips From Athlete Who Says Drink Raw Milk


If you are looking for swimmer diet tips for a young athlete, watch this video by a former college swimmer who endorses raw milk.

Upcoming Workshop Holistic Prenatal, Postnatal Nutrition for Moms


What is the optimal diet for a mom, prenatal and postnatal? How you nourish yourself impacts your developing baby within, and gives you the energy you’ll need as a new mom.

Well Fed Scottish Warriors Waged Fierce Battles


Today, Stan Fishman tells of the amazing exploits of well-fed soldiers in part 2 of his series on the warriors of the Scottish Highlands.

Teenager Beats Asthma, Allergies with a Traditional Diet

Many young people suffer with asthma, allergies. Here is a remarkable young man who overcame these health issues with dietary changes.

Resolve to Change Your Health in the New Year


There is one easy way to change your health indicators. Do this one thing, and it will help you reach all your other new year’s goals.

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