My Weight Loss Journey on

A number of readers have asked me to blog about our weight loss journey. Here is a link to a recent guest post I wrote on the subject for

Natural Cures Blog Carnival-Who Do You Love?

Profiles in Wellness-Who Inspires You in Your Quest for Health? Today’s Natural Cures Blog carnival theme is on memberships and subscriptions, and we’ll broaden it to include books, campaigns, causes and heros.  As you seek to take charge of yours and your families health, who is your inspiration? What books do you find helpful, who […]

10 Natural Ways to Prevent Cancer

Prevent Cancer by Detoxing your Food and your Life, blogger Kimberly Hartke launches a blog carnival on cancer prevention. Submit your ideas to this post!

Natural Cures Blog Carnival Promotes Weight Loss

photo credit: emilio labrador Your Weight-A Key to Wellness? Someone said to me the other day, “You are the type of person that no matter what you eat you stay thin and trim.”  I thought, “if only they knew the truth.”  I am tall and slender, but I work on it, all the time. In […]

Low Glycemic, Weston Price Diet

My husband and I lost 50 lbs between us on the South Beach Diet. I have gained 10 back. Determined to lose the weight I have regained, I am experimenting with combining the glycemic index I learned from Dr. Arthur Agatston, with the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines. Here is a food diary…