Secret to Gluten-Free Weight Loss is Avoid Processed Foods


Gluten free “products” may not promote weight loss. If you go gluten free, stick with whole foods!

Grandma’s Story Shows Senior Citizens Can Beat Arthritis, Lose Weight


90 Year Old Grandma Returns to her Traditional Diet Loses 10 lbs and Arthritis Pain By Guest Blogger, Caitlin Weeks, In a time where all we hear about is obesity and disease in seniors, I wanted to share an uplifting story about longevity due to a whole foods diet. My Grandma who just celebrated [...]

Will Misguided Saturated Fat Beliefs Cause Weight Gain in School Children?


Putting kids on an extremely low fat diet could backfire, big time, causing weight gain. One consumer advocate is doing his best to sound the obesity alarm bell.

Dr. James Carlson Debunks American Dietary Guidelines


Here is the powerful testimony of a medical doctor, whose clinical success with helping patients lose weight, gives him a unique vantage point from which to critique the USDA dietary guidelines.

GAPS Diet Forum Launched by 21 Year Old Former Gut Health Sufferer


Young Hannah Kosek wants to help parents who are dealing with children with gut dis-ease. By creating a forum on her blog, she plans to bring people together for mutual support.

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