Who Inspires You?

Who Inspires You?

Profiles in Wellness–Who Inspires You in Your Quest for Health?

Today’s Natural Cures Blog carnival theme is on memberships and subscriptions, and we’ll broaden it to include books, campaigns, causes and heros.  As you seek to take charge of yours and your families health, who is your inspiration? What books do you find helpful, who do you admire, what organizations or publications do you support?

Here is my list (in no particular order), please share yours!

1. Weston A. Price Foundation, and Sally FallonMorell

2. Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund & Foundation

3. National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

4. Organic Consumers Association

5. Book–South Beach Diet by Dr. Arthur Agatston

6. Book–Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon & Mary Enig

7. Hero-Michael Schmidt, Glencolton Farms-Raw Dairy Farmer in Canada

8. Hero-Mark Nolt, Natures’ Sunlight Farm-Raw Dairy Farmer in Pennsylvania

9. Hero-Mark MacAfee, Organic Pastures Dairy-Raw Dairy Farmer in California

10. Book-Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About, by Kevin Trudeau

11. Book-The Catholic Cathecism (1994)

12. Book–A Year with the Saints (TAN Publishing)

13. Book-The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmidt

14. My mom and Nana-the two greatest home cooks in the world!

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