College Professor Decries U.S. Dietary Mindset

Dr. David Diamond

This video exposes the dirty secrets behind the cholesterol lowering pressures put on American citizens by the health establishment.

GAPS “Grain Free” Diet Solves Blood Sugar Blues


You can go grain free! Guest blogger, Kate, shares her personal food journey, and how she ultimately triumphed over her blood sugar highs and lows.

Infertility Vanished with One Woman’s Weight Loss

What if infertility could be resolved without expensive and morally questionable procedures? What if a simple change in diet could make it possible to start a family?

What to Do With Turkey Leftovers

Kimberly Hartke whips up a Turkey Melt, a nice change from the traditional turkey and stuffing sandwich. This is a great option for low carb dieters!

Natural Cures Blog Carnival Promotes Weight Loss

photo credit: emilio labrador Your Weight-A Key to Wellness? Someone said to me the other day, “You are the type of person that no matter what you eat you stay thin and trim.”  I thought, “if only they knew the truth.”  I am tall and slender, but I work on it, all the time. In [...]

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