Pediatrician Validates Raw Milk as Powerful Nutritional Therapy


Plus Others Who Propose Raw Milk is Designed for Humans A California M.D. specializing in children’s health, speaks out boldly, in favor of raw milk and its benefits for her young patients. This video was taken last fall, during the theatrical screening of the food documentary, Farmageddon in San Francisco. It is a significant conversation, [...]

British Royal Writes Letter of Support to Farmer Michael Schmidt

Today we are launching a Letters to Michael campaign, starting with a British Royal who writes this letter of support to Michael Schmidt. Schmidt is a Canadian farmer on a hunger strike to draw attention to the unfair prosecution of his cow boarding program.

Start a Dairy Delivery Service and Nourish Your Community

Looking for a Green Business idea? What about becoming a milkman?

Late 1800′s New Jersey Hospital Provided Certified Raw Milk


Another nugget from history, discovered on a hospital plaque in New Jersey. This hospital used to be a raw milk provider when the certified raw milk movement was in full swing.

Woman Achieves Increased Bone Density with Raw Dairy

Kathy didn’t take her bone loss in stride, she decided to take a holistic path to rebuilding her bones. This is a video testimony of her success in doing so.

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