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Rocket Oven is Taking Off!

The HOMESTEADERS DREAM Oven   Please Share this Post! Kickstarter ends in two days! Some of you may remember my post about the rocket mass heater inspired by Permaculture tribe leader, Paul Wheaton. It is a clean energy masterpiece of engineering and something that can be built with basic handyman skills and a little instruction. […]

The High Cost of Marijuana Legalization

Drug Free Idaho just released a sobering film about the impact of normalizing drug use on communities. Please watch this and share to educate others. Chronic State from DrugFree Idaho, Inc. on Vimeo.

Party Perfect — Eco Friendly Invites are the Way to Go

  Go Green with your Party Invitations and Greeting Cards Keith and I were invited to a wonderful cookout on Memorial Day. I had forgotten how much fun a purely social gathering can be. Some of the events involved traders who used to meet to discuss the latest trends in the market. Automated trading bots are the current trend in the market and many people are using them to trade different shares and commodities. The use of auto trading platforms such as the Oil Profit has been successful for several traders. Read the Öl Profit Fake or Not blog to learn more about this automated software. So I am planning a few soirees of my own to get back in the swing of playing hostess. A lot […]

Grassfed on the Hill Buying Club Brings Farmers and Consumers Together

Farm fresh foods, grassfed meats are finding a unique way to get to the Washington, DC market with a farm buying club.

Create a Happy Healthy Home with These Tips from Experts

New Book Uncovers How to Create a Happy Healthy Home and Fight Indoor Air Pollution This blogger is often wishing I had time to write a book. Then an offer came across my desk that I couldn’t resist. Filterbuy.com asked for a contribution for their book on how to create a healthy happy home, and […]