Virginia Farmer Honored by State Legislature

Martha Boneta wins accolades from the legislative body where she sought help when county regulators overstepped their bounds and her property rights.

Push for Farm Freedom Virginia

Vote for Farm Freedom Virginia! We’ve never come this close to making Virginia safe for small farmers and artisan producers.

Farming Experts Predict Food Safety Laws Will Destroy Local Foods Trend

The FSMA food safety laws passed Congress easily. Ironically, FDA rule making makes it impossible for farms producing the safest food to survive.

Boneta Bill Press Conference

Virginia candidate for Lt. Governor wants citizens to “farm without fear”. Listen to the full Boneta Bill press conference.

Virginia Farm Bureau Comes Out Against Farmer Property Rights, Free Trade

The Boneta Bill rejection by the Farm Bureau is causing farmers to call for a boycott . Do you know a good insurance company that wants to pick up new business?