Raw Milk Support at National Lemonade Freedom Day

Great video to share with others who are interested in learning about the raw milk and food freedom issue!

Why I am Resisting the State of Minnesota’s Campaign Against Raw Dairy


So many brave people are standing up to government, it is starting to look like a pacifist revolt. Here is a great speech by another mom.

Why I support Minnesota Farmer Alvin Schlangen


An unhappy mom defends Alvin Schlangen in a speech at the Minneapolis support rally for the right to direct trade with local farms.

Declaration of Food Independence


Supporters of Wisconsin farmer, Vernon Hershberger, sign a declaration of food independence to defend their civil liberties and raw milk.

Michael Schmidt on Vernon Hershberger


A Canadian Food Freedom fighter, Michael Schmidt, sounds a warning for Americans. We need to get engaged to defend our liberties and farmers.

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