Organic Pastures Dairy Petitions FDA with Latest Raw Milk Science


A petition to the FDA seeks wider access to raw milk for the consumer. Stressing the science and asking a federal judge to intervene, it has possibility of making real change.

Mark McAfee Speaks to Soil Scientists and Agronomists

Mark McAfee and Joseph Heckman

Scientists and Agronomists went out of their way to hear Mark McAfee Speak and to sample his raw dairy products. A convention center forbid raw dairy, so they moved their meeting across the street!

Interview with Mark McAfee, Raw Dairy Farmer


For those of you who haven’t yet met raw dairyman, Mark McAfee, here is a fantastic video that will show you the passion and drive this man has for his product and his customer.

Raw Milk ‘Drink-in’ to Be Staged on Boston Commons


A Boston Milk Party is being staged on Monday, after ag officials launched an assault on raw milk buying clubs. Activists are convinced the battle is not over.

Real Food Symposium to Be Held in California


Mark McAfee and other real food proponents will speak in Pasadena at a fun and festive celebration of whole and fermented foods as recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

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