Dangers of a Soy Allergy

How do we avoid an allergenic food that is prevalent in the modern diet? Advice from a guy whose wife is highly allergic to soy.

Soy Infant Formula-Buyer Beware!

The NIH National Toxicology Program ignores tons of evidence that soy infant formula phyto-estrogens cause physiological, neurological and reproductive damage in newborns.

What About Soy Lecithin? Is it Safe?

Blog reader, Tom Kursar, asks about the impact of soy lecithin on one who is allergic to soy. Should it be avoided? Kaayla Daniel, soy researcher responds.

The Hidden Dangers of Soy-Revealed!

Kimberly Hartke reviews a new book, The Hidden Dangers of Soy. Borne out of the near death experience of a woman who thought soy would do great things for her health, this book is a wake up call to others deceived by the aggressive health claims of the soy industry.

My Loved One is in Prison, and The Soy Diet is Killing Him

Concerned relative of an Illinois inmate documents the ill effects of the high soy diet fed to the prisoners. The diet is the subject of a lawsuit against the Illinois prison system.