NAACP Support Will Be Key to GMO Labeling Issue


Actress and food activist Judith Scott blogs about the Prop 37 campaign and the role the NAACP must play in mustering support for GMO labeling.

Why I Support GMO Labeling and Proposition 37

Now is the time to have your say about GMO right to know and Proposition 37. No matter where you live, we need your help!

GMO Contamination Ruins 60% of Aussie Farmer’s Organic Crop


Steve Marsh, Australian canola grower had 60% of his organic crop ruined by GMO seeds blowing over the fence from a neighboring farm. Activists warn GMO alfalfa will do the same.

Bust Monsanto’s Monopoly, Sign this Petition Now!

Sign the Petition!

I just signed a petition to ask our government to stop the Monsanto monopoly. They are gaining control over a majority of the world’s seeds, through acquisitions and cut-throat business practices has cornered 90% of the soy, 65% of the corn, and 70% of the cotton market, and has a rapidly growing presence in the [...]

My Loved One is in Prison, and The Soy Diet is Killing Him


Concerned relative of an Illinois inmate documents the ill effects of the high soy diet fed to the prisoners. The diet is the subject of a lawsuit against the Illinois prison system.

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