Soyfoods Association Pushes Soy for Valentine’s Day-BLEECH!


Romantic moments enhanced by fake foods? You’ll chuckle at this witty smack-down of the soyfoods association by the naughty nutritionist.

Orlando Sentinel Breaks Soy Prison Story

Prison soy diet is causing real pain and suffering. Have we become so callous to the real suffering of prisoners that we can turn a blind eye?

The Unhealthy Truth About our Modern Processed Foods


The author of The Unhealthy Truth describes her Erin Brockovich type campaign to warn American’s about today’s manufactured food and the dangers of food additives and bio-engineered GMO organisms.

Sounding the Alarm About Soy

Gail Elbek, Soy Damage Expert

Gail Elbek is alarmed at our government’s inattention to a lurking health danger, modern soy foods and infant formula. She works tirelessly to sound the alarm.

How Gail Elbek Began Her Stop Soy Damage Crusade

Gail Elbek, Soy Damage Expert

She is like Erin Brockovich, except she is out to expose the soy food industry. Now, Gail Elbek tells why she works tirelessly to get our government to act.

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