Soy Poisoning Happening in Florida Prisons, Too

James Clark, a Florida prison inmate writes an impassioned plea for a relief from the soy diet and the return of the prison garden, something he believes would help inmates return well to society.

High Soy Diet Shatters Boyhood Dreams of Football Glory

High school football player “Ray” is prescribed a high soy diet, and develops serious physical and emotional problems, so much so he needs to be tutored at home. Soy ruined his teen years.

Q & A on Recovery from Soy

Prompted by the news of the Illinois prison soy lawsuit, two blog readers ask questions about undoing the damage of too much soy food in a child’s diet. Dr. Kaayla Daniel, who is a nutritionist with an expertise in soy recovery, answers their questions.


Illinois inmates have requested a permanent injunction to halt the use of soy protein as a meat substitute in the Illinois prison system, claiming the diet violates the constitutional guarantee against cruel and unusual punishment.

The case is captioned Harris et al. v. Brown et al. and is pending before the Honorable Judge Harold Baker of the United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois. The complaint names as defendants the State of Illinois, two administrative agencies, a private corporation that has a contract with the State to provide medical treatment to inmates, and 32 individuals who work for the State and the private corporation…

Nourishing Foods Blog Carnival

On my library shelf, is a wonderful little book by Dr. Henry Bieler, M.D., Food is Your Best Medicine. Written in 1965, before Big Pharma had such a stranglehold on the business of healing, this doctor details case after case of how nurturing food played a role in healing his patients.When my brother was very young, he was diagnosed by our pediatrician, Dr. Knop, as celiac. She was an old school German doctor, and worked in the prestigious Yater Clinic in downtown Washington, D.C. She looked like a fierce school marm, with her dark hair pulled back in a tight bun. In her clipped German accent, she prescribed a strict diet for my brother of nothing but cottage cheese…