British Royal Writes Letter of Support to Farmer Michael Schmidt

Today we are launching a Letters to Michael campaign, starting with a British Royal who writes this letter of support to Michael Schmidt. Schmidt is a Canadian farmer on a hunger strike to draw attention to the unfair prosecution of his cow boarding program.

Goats and Sheep Hoofing it to Downtown Santa Cruz Protest Rally


Sheep and Goats will join shepherds and goat herdsman at a protest rally for food rights in Santa Cruz, California next week.

The Last Farm in San Jose, California


While politicians are stressing jobs in their stump speeches, government agencies are putting people out of work if they seek to meet consumer demand for raw dairy. The irony is, the best hope for economic stimulus will come from local small enterprises.

College Professor Chastises District Attorney by Teaching a Class on the Legality of Goat Shares

Professor sets out to school her students and elected officials on the meaning of liberty, free enterprise and private contracts, specifically, herd share agreements.

California Moves to Take Away Citizens Right to Board Cows, Goats


“This can not stand” says outraged Dad, Martin Matthews, whose baby is being denied milk from the family’s goat by the state agricultural officials.

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