Michigan Invasive Swine Species Order Leaves Farm Families in Legal Limbo, on Verge of Financial Ruin


We don’t got no Michigan invasive swine, we’ve just got an invasive government bureaucracy being led around by the nose by Agribusiness.

Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival, April 16, 2012

Crying over Spilt Milk by Andy Singer

Challenge the food system status quo with Weekend Gourmet! Cook at home, from scratch, using seasonal ingredients!

Big Pig Lobbyist Uses Cloakroom Tactics to Foil Small Farm Defense


Agribusinesses are trying to wipe out their local foods competition. They want pastured pigs to be labeled feral. Big Pig is joined by Big Poultry, Big Dairy and others.

Michigan CAFOs Conspire with Government to Ban Outdoor Pig Farming


Like something from a George Orwell novel, government redefines the meaning of feral to outlaw only pigs on pasture. Stinks like a CAFO plot.

Basic Human Rights Under Assault by Regulators Protests Wisconsin Mom


One of the most ardent speakers in defense of human rights at the signing of the Food Declaration of Independence was a Wisconsin Mom.

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