Boneta Bill Press Conference

Joel Salatin Praises Idea of Giving Farmers Freedom

Today, I want to share with you my audio recording of a pretty incredible press conference. This is my latest podcast about Virginia’s Boneta Bill. It is not every day that you get an inside look at how the wheels of the legislature turn!

I attended this Boneta Bill press conference on behalf of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Highlights from it will be broadcast in an upcoming Food Rights Hour Broadcast. However, this bill is being considered right now by the Virginia State Delegates who serve on the Agriculture Committee. It is critical that we get as many people in Virginia aware of it as possible. Calls and letters from constituents are extremely helpful in getting the bill passed. Show your support for freedom and free enterprise on small farms! See Pete Kennedy’s excellent article, Boneta Bill Introduced in Virginia.

Politics is Messy

Mark Fitzgibbons with Scott Linghamfelter,  Sponsor HB 1430

I was very dismayed in a follow up call with an Ag Committee member. We learned that he is concerned about giving too much freedom to farmers. He fears that there will be unintended consequences in the Agribusiness sector. In this politician’s view, these mega farms will either 1) abuse the privilege and start huge ancillary businesses that don’t belong in farming zones or 2) that the perception that farmers can make money from ancillary sales would mean they may lose tax credits.


Martha Boneta Shares Her Love of Farming

Do you hear that? We can’t let struggling small farmers make money (by selling ancillary items in their farm store or holding events to market their farm), because the BIG successful farms will misbehave or lose government largess.  I ask you, what could possibly be wrong with freeing up our productive enterprises to make money? If we did, they wouldn’t need government handouts!

Donna Holt, Property Rights Activist Decries Intrusive Government

I guess this is for the politicians to sort out. But, certainly they should err on the side of unleashing productive citizens and job creators in our state!

Audio Recording of the Boneta Bill Press Conference

Here is the full recording of the press conference, which includes speeches by Mark Fitzgibbons, Joel Salatin, Martha Boneta, Donna Holt and Del. Scott Linghamfelter, the sponsor of House Bill 1430 “The Boneta Bill.” Click on the left hand side of the blue bar, below to start the podcast. Why not have a listen and decide for yourself?

Signs in Support of Martha’s Right to Farm

 Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

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