Boneta Bill Press Conference

Virginia candidate for Lt. Governor wants citizens to “farm without fear”. Listen to the full Boneta Bill press conference.

Media Coverage of National Lemonade and Raw Milk Freedom Day

Anytime you can attract front page headlines, its a good day to be a publicist! Steve Dinan, food safety reporter for the Washington Times penned the front page story in last Friday’s paper. Activists to take on Capitol Hill: Lay Off our Milk, Lemonade. There are already 139 comments on the story, I strongly suggest […]

Michael Schmidt’s Hunger Strike for Raw Milk Rights and Responsible Food Freedom

Michael Schmidt continues to defend consumer rights to raw milk access. Let’s come alongside to secure freedom to the food of our choice.

Steve Bemis on Food Safety Bill HR 2749

Steve Bemis, Board Member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, shares his fears about HR 2749. He believes food safety is best promoted by exempting small farmers…

Cloistered Nuns Speak out for Raw Dairy

Last year a nunnery on one of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State had several instances where their dairy’s pathogen tests came back positive. Being Catholic, I was quite excited to know that these nuns were running a small raw dairy…