Wise Traditions 2015 Focus on Fats

DC Sneak Peak New Food Documentary!


Revolution: Food is a food documentary that uplifts and rejoices in all the good being done by farmers around the world. A DC area screening is being held October 3, 2015.

GMO Debate to be Available Livestream and Download


GMO labels pose hardships on producers, but consumers denied the facts also not an option! Listen to debate by two men taking opposite sides of the issue.

Win a Save Your Bacon Weekend!

The annual FTCLDF FundRaiser on Polyface Farm, has blown up into a full Weekend of Fun and Fabulous Food!

Boneta Bill Press Conference


Virginia candidate for Lt. Governor wants citizens to “farm without fear”. Listen to the full Boneta Bill press conference.

Virginia Farm Bureau Comes Out Against Farmer Property Rights, Free Trade


The Boneta Bill rejection by the Farm Bureau is causing farmers to call for a boycott . Do you know a good insurance company that wants to pick up new business?

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