Ode to Joe the Farmer

The poet laureate of the local foods and natural health movement, shares this blessing for farmers today.

Meet the Filmmaker Events in Washington, D.C.


Kristin Canty is a heroic woman to those who desperately need access to nutrient dense foods. This is our chance to thank her in person and celebrate with her the World Premiere of her very important film.

In Farming, Is it Possible for Big to Be Better?

LaCense Beef Ranch

Those of us that buy local tend to be suspicious of bigness and distance. What if there was a faraway farmer doing things so well, that you could really get excited about it?

Three Inspiring Green Initiatives in Higher Education Institutions

Does your son or daughter want a college education with a focus on the environment? Would your child like to play a role in creating a more sustainable future? Here are some notable institutions they may want to consider.

Report on the Small Farm Summit Held on Long Island, NY


Dr. Jill Tieman gives an overview of an exciting local foods event held last month on Long Island, NY. WAPF Chapter Leaders were out in full force to share life changing information with attendees.

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