Choose Farm Animal Friendly Paints Says Paint Expert

Choose the best barn paint to keep your farm animals safe and toxin free. Home Depot expert blogs today on this subject.

Big Pig Lobbyist Uses Cloakroom Tactics to Foil Small Farm Defense

Agribusinesses are trying to wipe out their local foods competition. They want pastured pigs to be labeled feral. Big Pig is joined by Big Poultry, Big Dairy and others.

Humane Pork Producers are Endangered Species in Michigan

Here is your chance to speak out for humane pork farmers, please call the Michigan governor, today!

Michigan CAFOs Conspire with Government to Ban Outdoor Pig Farming

Like something from a George Orwell novel, government redefines the meaning of feral to outlaw only pigs on pasture. Stinks like a CAFO plot.

Christmas Eve at Hedgebrook Farm

My brother-in-law describes Hedgebrook Farm as “the perfect farm.” This is where my husband and I chose to volunteer our time on Christmas Eve.