Protect Monsanto Effort Moves to the State Level

A new wave of controversial protect Monsanto legislation is being introduced in a number of states. Missouri wants to even enshrine the right to sow GMO seeds in its constitution.

Real Food vs. Industrial Food

Industrial food is on the ropes, as real food becomes more popular. Cookbook author rebuts some of the arguments posed by apologists of factory farming.

Dairy Industry Claims “Low Calorie” Milks Are Not “Attractive” to Children

Poor dairy industry. Federal Dietary guidelines are forcing them to scapegoat children as they try to figure out how to hide aspartame to comply.

Boneta Bill Press Conference

Virginia candidate for Lt. Governor wants citizens to “farm without fear”. Listen to the full Boneta Bill press conference.

Religious Leaders Get Behind Proposition 37 in California

Proposition 37 which would require full disclosure of GMO ingredients is now embraced by many California religious leaders.