Anti-GMO Polish Farmers Bravely Press on with Protest


Tractor Blockade Enters 10 Week by Kimberly Hartke Where is the International News coverage? Hello CNN? A colorful and newsworthy tractor blockade protest is taking place all over Poland, and we have yet to see the news coverage here in the United States of America. By and large, Genetically Modified Organism news is scarce here. [...]

Polish Farmers Protest Sale of Land for GM Crops


Polish farmers are standing strong against the EU sponsored invasion of GMOs into their farming regions. They need to hear from you!

Help Keep Poland GMO Free

Polish Countryside

GMO labeling lost in California, but now is our chance to keep Poland GMO free!

Religious Leaders Get Behind Proposition 37 in California


Proposition 37 which would require full disclosure of GMO ingredients is now embraced by many California religious leaders.

My Prescription for Health Care Reform


One blogger wants you to take personal responsibility for your health, and stop looking to the government, corporations and doctors.

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