Julie & Julia, Blogger Flick Sure to Be a Hit!

Food blogger Kimberly Hartke on the film Julie & Julia: This film is about friendship, desire, food, and marriage. And most of all, being obsessed with food and blogging. The film is hilarious, sweet, sensitive and refreshingly filled with love.

Kevin Trudeau on Swine Flu & Mass Vaccinations

The mainstream media has not discussed one of the most significant events in the last 100 years. Over the last month, the World Health Organization has raised the alert level for the swine flu to level six. This is the highest level the World Health Organization can issue, declaring a worldwide pandemic for the swine flu. This has gotten virtually no national media attention.

When a level six pandemic is declared by the World Health Organization, individual countries have the legal right to require its citizens to get vaccinations or to take drugs if the government deems necessary…

Ecology Action Spreads the Work of Catholic Saint

Trained by John Jeavons of Ecology Action in Willits California, I returned to my parents old farm in the town of Ledyard Connecticut, upon the death of my mother in 1999. Ledyard is
about eight miles north of Long Island Sound, near the fishing villages of Stonington and Mystic.

I brought with me, the Ecology Action biointensive growing methods, derived from St. Fiacre, who brought the “double digging” techniques to France from Ireland in 600 AD, which gave the French farmers the upper hand in produce production over the years.

Jillian Michaels Is a Big Winner at the Get Radical Conference

On Saturday, I attended Doreen Rainey’s first ever Get Radical Conference in Crystal City. The big draw was a chance to meet Jillian Michaels, the personal trainer on the reality TV show, The Biggest Loser.

Shopping Made Simple: Farm Drops

First it was shop till you drop…now its shopping at the farm drop! Two years ago, I had no idea what a farm drop was. Then came Weston A. Price Foundation…