Kevin Trudeau on Swine Flu & Mass Vaccinations


The mainstream media has not discussed one of the most significant events in the last 100 years. Over the last month, the World Health Organization has raised the alert level for the swine flu to level six. This is the highest level the World Health Organization can issue, declaring a worldwide pandemic for the swine flu. This has gotten virtually no national media attention.

When a level six pandemic is declared by the World Health Organization, individual countries have the legal right to require its citizens to get vaccinations or to take drugs if the government deems necessary…

Small Dairies in Maryland Need Life Support

Pennsylvania Dairy Cows

Delegate J.B. Jennings (R-7), is a former dairy farm worker who now has a seat in the Maryland state legislature. He may be the right man, in the right place, to save his state’s embattled small dairy farms.

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