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From Popping Percoset to Pain Free

A Doubting Fred Becomes a Believer in Acupuncture

Fred, a public policy consultant who lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. shares his amazing story of overcoming debilitating back pain. He went from popping Percoset like candy to the sweetness of a pain free life with the help of oriental medicine and acupuncture. A massage therapist told me his story, and encouraged me to go to this same doctor for my knee pain. She had Fred over for dinner one night, and when she saw him taking his pain pills, she said, “You must try acunpuncture, it changed my life.”

Fred responded, “But, I don’t believe in it.”

Her response, “You don’t have to.”

Fred’s Healing Journey

So, Fred went to see Bill Reddy, Licensed Acupuncturist, and here is the story in his own words:

“I dealt with low-back muscle spasms in the mid-80s, which eventually turned into sciatic nerve pain my my left leg, caused by a bulged disc (L 4/5).  In 1986, I had a short operation to remove the disc that was short-circuiting the sciatic nerve and the pain went away.

Until the end of last year.  I started feeling similar pain along my sciatic nerve (also left leg), but it behaved backwards from 20+ years ago.  Then, sitting was among the most painful things I could do.  With the pain I started having in December 2008, and onwards, sitting was the one thing I could do to stop the pain.  And the pain was severe.  For January and most of February, the longest distance I could walk without stopping to sit down was maybe a half a block, or three aisles in a grocery store.  I was in pain almost around the clock, and generally couldn’t find a position in bed to allow the pain to stop for sleep.  I took Percoset for several weeks to deal with the pain, but of course that was not a long term solution.

In mid-January, an orthopedic surgeon ordered MRIs, which essentially showed the nerve being touched by something on the side of my spine.  The surgeon told me fixing it would be “real back surgery – a three hour operation to open up my back and operate on my spine, with significant recovery time.”  Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to that.

So, at the end of January, he sent me to get an epidural (which actually turned out to be a set of three).  The first one was an awful experience, which made the pain worse (they were supposed to provide some relief), and the second one, in mid-February, did nothing.  The week following, a friend called to see how I was doing, and I told her I wasn’t doing very well.  She asked if I was open to seeing an acupuncture therapist, and I told her I had no experience with acupuncture, but was absolutely open to it.  She told me about an old friend, and licensed acupuncture therapist, Bill Reddy, and recommended him highly.  I called him that night and saw him on Friday for a consult and treatment, then went back the following Monday and Wednesday.  When I woke up Thursday morning, my pain was almost gone.  I have continued to see him, twice a week for the first few weeks, and then about once a week.

Needless to say, this has been an amazing experience – “life altering” is not too strong.  Prior to this, I was not aware of knowing anyone who had received acupuncture therapy, but have been very surprised at the number of friends and colleagues I have told about my experience, who then told me of their own experience, or that of a family member.”

My First Visit to Bill Reddy

After hearing Fred’s story, I couldn’t wait to go see “doctor” Reddy (the state of Virginia doesn’t allow the term doctor to be used, only Licensed Acupuncturist). When I met with him, Bill Reddy told me that Fred, at the beginning of his course of treatment, could barely walk across his office, he was in such pain. And then he told me that this summer, Fred took a trip to Europe and walked everywhere. What an amazing result!

I have been under Bill Reddy’s care to help with my knee pain that flared up again this spring. I was dealing with inflammation, a burning sensation and knee joint pain. Bill Reddy put me on herbs and I saw him twice a week for 4 weeks, and once a week for 3 more weeks.  At the end of the acupuncture and other treatments, my pain was gone.

Kimberly's Acupuncture Session

Kimberly's Acupuncture Session

Notice the Tiny Needles, They Don't Hurt!

Notice the Tiny Needles, They Don't Hurt!

He also put my husband on some herbs to eliminate acid reflux.  Within days, his symptoms were gone. Totally.

Now my husband takes the herbs only when he feels the reflux coming on, and they completely dampen the symptoms. Amazing.

My husband had no prior experience with acupuncture. He is now telling all his family and friends about the healing he has experienced.

I have experienced healing from acupuncture once before. Years ago I was rear ended while sitting at a stoplight. I had minor whiplash and severe neck pain. I walked into the acupuncturist office extremely sore. I walked out totally pain free.  I thought I would never forget that “instant wellness.”

But, it took my massage therapist to remind me of acupuncture and I am so glad she sent me to Bill Reddy.

Bill Reddy’s oriental medicine practice is in Alexandria, VA. To contact Bill Reddy, Licensed Acupuncturist, please visit his website.

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