Look, Mom & Dad, No Cavities!

Look, Mom & Dad, No Cavities!

How to Reduce the Number of Cavities at Your Next Dental Checkup

by Guest blogger, Denise Burns, Burns Best Farm

I was reading this week in the Wall Street Journal an article about the “dismaying comeback” of cavities in children in recent years.  The 1970’s and 80’s saw a steady decrease in childhood cavities due to widespread water fluoridation and advances in treatment and prevention.  The lowest point was in the mid-1990’s when 24% of young children had cavities and the numbers have been climbing ever since. This “official” data stands in stark contrast to my family’s experience at the pediatric dentist.

After listening to Sally Fallon Morell detail Dr. Weston A. Price’s research at the recent Wise Traditions Conference, I was very interested in what kind of diagnosis our own three sons would receive at their scheduled check-up the week of Thanksgiving. For our youngest son, this was his first dentist visit ever.  So I was braced for bad news, at least from one of the older boys who I suspect is a casual brusher.  😉

What a wonderful surprise I received when all the x-rays and cleaning were complete:  no cavities!
About 18 months ago, the two older boys each had at least one cavity, with the casual brusher coming in with two (molars in both cases).  I was worried:  should I buy a fluoride rinse since we left the fluoridated water source when we moved from the suburbs to the farm and started to use well water?

I did not, in the end, get the rinse.  I continued giving them real raw milk to drink 3 times a day with every meal, and I cut way back on their access to fruit juice.  I had started serving raw milk in November 2007, so they had only been drinking it for about 4 months when the cavities were first found.

I believe that 2 years of drinking real raw milk has worked to fortify the enamel on their teeth, saving us loads of money on fillings and saving them the pain and anxiety of dental work.  I can point to other areas of my children’s health that I know have improved since we started drinking raw milk, but this dental visit is so tangible that it’s very hard to pin on anything other than raw milk!

Denise Burns is a farmer’s wife, mom to four kids, and a brand new Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) Chapter Leader for the Chattanooga, TN area.  She blogs on the family farm website, Burnsbestfarm.com.

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