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NTP Talk-A Great Site to Bookmark!

NTP Talk--A Great New Website!

Natural Cures Tuesday is Pleased to Introduce


More and more, I am meeting whole foodies who are wanting to study nutrition, and become nutrition counselors to help others learn a healthier, more nourishing eating style.  Recently, I learned of a profession that I had never heard of, nutritional therapist or Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

A community of over 200 Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (graduates of NTAO who follow the Weston Price and Price Pottenger nutritional philosophy have launched a new website.  The site is www.ntptalk.com.  It is full of nutrition articles and recipes written by nutritional therapists.

They want to develop a marketplace online of WAP inspired resources for our clients and visitors.

These nutritional therapists love raw milk, cheese, meat and cultured foods etc. and recommend it to their clients.  The marketplace will be where they will be coming to find resources.

What is a nutritional therapist?

NTPs practice a foundational approach to holistic nutrition that utilizes a unique set of tools for identifying individual nutritional deficiencies. Imbalances are addressed through diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes tailored for your biochemical individuality.

They are guided by:

* A profound respect for the teachings of the nutritional pioneers; pioneering greats such as Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis A. Pottenger, two of the greatest scientific minds ever to research nutrition, food and its effects on modern society.
* A commitment to the concept of biochemical individuality. Our genetic and geographical makeup can determine our unique nutritional needs.
* The belief that within each of us lies an innate intelligence that guides us.

Sally Fallon Morell was the keynote speaker at their conference last year.

Beverly Hartsfield, head of the Nutritional Therapists Alumni Association was a Weston Price member for many years before becoming a nutritional therapist. She established a discussion board amongst the NTP’s so they could stay in a tight community and keep learning and growing in their field.  On the board they share information about their cases, clinical practices.

NTP Talk is adding a public site to their online discussion, so that they can educate the world about their unique paradigm on nutritional health with whole foods. On NTP you will find articles written by nutritionists, recipes, a marketplace of vendors, instructional videos, and recommended links.

On their list of NTP Talk authors, I spotted Charles Welling, who is a frequent commenter on this blog.

Here is a link to their new site, definitely one you will want to book mark!


Now the Carnival Begins!

Nutrition is the Key--Do Tell!

You’re next, please contribute a healthy recipe, a nutrition book you like, your experiences working with a nutrition professional, either in the comments or by submitting a blog post or link by email:  kim.hartke at gmail.com.

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  1. I graduated from this program in 2007. It is superb in every way. I hope many who have a serious interest, professional or personal, in real health — how it is achieved and maintained, will consider becoming a Nutritional Therapist through NTA. The course work is thorough, well structured and fascinating. It is based on the ideas of the nutritional greats such as Weston Price and Francis Pottenger. And it is not just book learning but hands on, too. The students learn a complete “Functional Evaluation” of clients — a series of hands on tests to determine what body systems — endocrines, etc — are weak, leading to symptoms and illness — and how to then support those systems nutritionally — and with targeted supplementation as needed — to reverse the weakness and thus allow healing to occur. This truly is applied nutrition. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
    .-= Charles Welling´s last blog ..Fungus: The REAL Cause of Cancer? =-.

  2. Thanks for the link, I’ll be checking out their site!

    Here’s one of our tasty recipes for wet burritos:
    .-= Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up´s last blog ..Never, ever eat these =-.

  3. Jennifer Doctorovich says:

    I’m so glad we are getting attention. NTP Talks is a great resource and an amazing way to network with fellow practitioners from all over. Our program is one of the most superior training programs for holistic nutritionist practitioners in the country and I’m very glad I studied here. It has a scientific basis (using the functional evaluation to determine sufficiency/deficiency in the body) and though we constantly remind clients that it is not a diagnosis but rather a tool for helping our physicians, it was most helpful for ME. My own teacher, Cathy Eason, found I had an adrenal problem as I was going through the program. I was certified last May and for the past year and a half have been seeing a naturopath who did diagnose me with adrenal fatigue. So I know that this method works from personal experience. Thank you for posting a story on us…it is an exceptional school and our education is fantastic…even though it is always a continuous process.

  4. Thanks for the article! Being a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner has changed my life and we have a wonderful supportive NTPtalk nutrition community that is so dedicated to spreading the word about good nutrition. I hope others will join us in our mission by becoming an NTP and a part of our community. Help us build our marketplace by advertising with us so that we can provide a one stop resource and promote good food, green living, healthy alternatives for the masses who are seeking better health.

  5. Thanks for this article! Becoming a Nutritional Therapist has provided me an effective way to give customized, individual recommedations to my clients. No more one-size-fits-all aproach. May we all be well!

  6. I do not have at this point a book recommendation that isn’t already talked about in most WAP circles, but I just had to say THANK YOU! So so much for posting this! I have been looking into holistic nutrition programs for myself, but none of them seemed to have the connections to WP and traditional nourishment practices, this makes me so very excited!
    .-= Lindsay ´s last blog ..Baked Mac =-.

  7. As a personal trainer with a Master Trainer Certificate of Award and once an international competitive marathon runner, I knew sometime was lacking in my educational background. The NTA classes I attended to become a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2008 were the perfect match. What I learned in that school was life changing. Most athletes and coaches have no clue about nutrition and how it effects each of us differently. This school is the best! The education never stops and the NTP-Talk is icing on the cake… so enjoy the ride!

  8. Yaakov Levine, NTP says:

    I am also a 2007 graduate, using the skills learned in NTA’s Nutritional Therapist Training to guide my clients towards a healthier lifestyle including exercise, nutrient dense diet, healthy fats, raw dairy, and the awareness that we can all live healthier. I write a column for my local newspaper, and I am presently starting a new WAPF chapter here in South Lane County, OR.

  9. Great article! For several years I looked for a comprehensive nutrition program. The traditional registered dietitian and nutritionist programs just didn’t seem to offer the depth of nutritional knowledge that I was seeking.

    The science based Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program far exceeded my expectations! The knowledge I gained improved my health immeasurably. Now I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned to benefit others.

  10. Rebecca Cody says:

    Not only is the nutritional therapy program amazingly comprehensive, it’s available all over the nation through the wonders of technology. For several years classes were taught in Olympia and Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and a few other sites. Now, however, through the distance learning program, students come together at a location central to their area only a few times each school year to practice the hands-on aspects of the program and review with the teacher. Lectures are on DVD, to be watched at home. This is a wonderful program that allows students to live all over the nation and still get a great nutrition education.

  11. Kim,

    I am working towards becoming an NTP right now and am so excited to be able to add this angle to my blog, and offer personalized nutritional support and counsel for others!

    Thanks for posting the link; isn’t that website awesome!

    .-= Carrie (Organic and Thrifty)´s last blog ..Life Update: An Explanation for my Blog Slackerness =-.

  12. I will bookmark your site! If you like the info on this site, you may like to know the amazing two food ingredients that have healing powers beyond what you would ever expect. I eat one of them everyday! (Maybe you do too!)


  13. Very nice link indeed! I’m always looking for new articles and healthy recipies. Thanks!

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