History of the Estrella Family Creamery


Kelli Estrella is a gourmet raw cheesemaker in Washington state, whose business is currently shut down by actions of the FDA. Kelli recently shared with me her moving story of how she grew her family enterprise.

Wanted a Crop Mob of 50,000 to Save Artisan Dairy Farming


Calling all raw dairy and local food activists! Help us reach a goal of 50,000 supporters for our ‘Crop Mob’ style fund raising campaign. With each person giving just $5.00, we can level the playing field for family farms.

Cedar Grove Cheese


Not only is this Wisconsin Cheesemaker the first to reject synthetic bovine growth hormone (rGBH or rBST), it uses a tropical greenhouse to neutralize harsh chemicals in its wastewater.

Mark McAfee Speaks to Soil Scientists and Agronomists

Mark McAfee and Joseph Heckman

Scientists and Agronomists went out of their way to hear Mark McAfee Speak and to sample his raw dairy products. A convention center forbid raw dairy, so they moved their meeting across the street!

Raw Milk Cheese vs. Heat Treated Cheese


Cheesemaker Bill Anderson gives us a primer on raw vs. heat treated cheese in his series on Wisconsin artisan and farmstead cheeses.

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