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Prison Soy Press Conference Videos

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Zepfanman.com

Hello from Chicago! Here are the videos taken at our press conference here in Chicago yesterday. Moving testimony was given by a homeless former inmate. You will want to watch all of these in their entirety.

Below is a link to high res photos taken at the press conference by Ann Marie Michaels of Cheeseslave blog.

Feel free to use these pictures if you want to blog or write a press article about the lawsuit. You have permission to do so!


Update: Now that I am home from the conference, I added several additional videos!

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  1. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Hey everyone, I added three other videos to this post today! Be sure and watch them all. Unbelievably valuable health info!

  2. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Here is a blog post on Nourished Kitchen, who won one best green blog from FoodBuzz.com:


    She wrote this after watching the videos. She broke this story on the internet so many thanks to Jenny for following the story and letting her readers know!

    Terrell Bell, Jr., the former inmate who wasn’t able to appear at the event is going to watch the videos now! I’ve asked him to comment on them, so everyone will know his story, too.

  3. Stanley Fishman says:

    I reviewed all the soy videos you posted. I can’t get them out of my mind. That was a very effective presentation.

    It appears that GMO soy is 5 times as bad, based on what happened to the rats discussed on the video.

    I cannot even begin to understand why anybody would ever want to put any of that GMO soy into their bodies. And 91% of all soy is GMO.

    People should realize that soy is not a problem just for prisoners. (There is no excuse for posoning prisoners, or anybody else, with soy.) They may have started with the prisoners, but soy is everywhere, especially in institutional food. The drink “Ensure”, which is used in just about every hospital and nursing home in America, and is routinely recommended to older people to “ensure ” that they get all needed nutrients, is full of soy.

    Other soy products are marketed to rest homes and hospitals, which commonly add them to meals for sick and/or elderly people. And soy is added to just about every processed food and bread.

    Even pediatricians are pushing soy. I know two families that were told that their teenage daughters should give up cow’s milk and start drinking soy milk, because cow’s milk has too much estrogen in it. These pediatricians never mentioned the fact that soy is full of estrogen-like hormones that have disrupted the hormone balance of people who get too much soy.

    My book Tender Grassfed Meat is 100 percent soy free. I did a lot of research to make it that way, and found a very healthy alternative to soy sauce.

    Stanley A. Fishman, author of Tender Grassfed Meat: Traditional Ways to Cook Healthy Meat

  4. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Here is another blog post I just commented on entitled, Soy is Not a Health Food.
    This blogger really did her homework!


  5. so is all soy bad or just gmo soy???

  6. Kimberly Hartke says:

    David, soy is not a traditional food, furthermore, modern soy products are highly processed. Soy protein isolate that these prisoners are being fed is a toxic waste product from the manufacture of soy oil. It is also found in soy milks, soy bars, and all kinds of faux foods.

    See the Weston A. Price Foundations’ Soy Alert campaign:

    It is a myth that soy promotes health and wellness. We are trying to sound the alarm to wake America up to that fact.

  7. Kimberly Hartke: Wow. I am a Chicago native and I have worked for the court system there, but I had no idea about the prisons deceptively force feeding this Frankenstein crop onto its prisoners. I am a strong advocate AGAINST genetically modified crops especially SOY. I have written the President and participated in petitions about consumers having a RIGHT to CHOOSE and KNOW what foods are genetically MODIFIED before they buy them. Most consumers are unaware of the ill effects of GM soy and because of no legal recourse most American foods can hide it well. It’s all about MONEY, MONEY, and more Money. Here’s the catch 22: Monsanta whom has funded the Bush and OBAMA Campaign also has an ex-employee working for the U.S. Government. Yeah, Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto executive, is a senior advisor to the commission of the FDA. lmaoff. In other words, unless you go out of your way to research foods claiming to be “natural” more than likely you will be eating GMO’s. I was recently informed that an AMISH village of Shipshewanna, INDIANA radiate their apples before placing them onto the shelves of Meijer’s Supermarket. I have a source that works there.
    I purchased a bag of Organic oranges from Martin’s Supermarket and found non-organic oranges stashed into the bag. Organic fruit start with the # 9. Corporations are getting sneakier and American Consumers are being fooled by catchy ads and lies. Another example is Coca-Cola actually being the makers of the “Simple Lemonade and Orange Juice Line”. Kellogg’s being the OWNERS of KASHI. Now, why wouldn’t these companies include their names onto these “wholesome and good for you” products? I’ll tell you why, because these products are ANYTHING but wholesome. To ALL consumers, if financially permitting, ONLY purchase ORGANIC and/or NON-GMO stated foods. Also, it would NOT hurt to save seeds from these crops as well. Monsanto purchased 100 of THOUSANDS non-genetic seeds and patented them for a reason that does NOT benefit anyone but those in power and wealth! Thanks Kimberly Hartke and INVOLVED posters! Keep up the great work.


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